Unique Learning Paths

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance and support during your course. 

Practical approach

Our courses are designed to provide the materials in a practical yet in depth approach. Our students successful completion of the programme and their confidence in applying what they've learnt is our fundamental ethos. 

Globally oriented

Although taught by teachers in the UK and Ireland our courses are designed to be both flexible and applicable for everyone, no matter where you are in the world.

Personal growth

Whether you want to increase your knowledge to teach a congregation more accurately or want to be more equipped Biblically as an individual, our courses suit all backgrounds and denominations. 

Site announcements

Video series on Biblical Preaching

by Malcolm Cox -

You may find this useful: Tuesday Teaching Tip 329 | Biblical Preaching - Part 1 | The case for expository preaching | Malcolm. The first time I read Haddon Robinson‘s book it thrilled me. It is not a novel with a stimulating plot. Nor is it poetry of sublime imagination. Instead it is an eminently practical book about Biblical preaching. But it is more than that.

, https://audioboom.com/posts/8370180-tuesday-teaching-tip-329-biblical-preaching-part-1-the-case-for-expository-preaching , https://www.malcolmcox.org/tuesday-teaching-tip-329-biblical-preaching-part-1-the-case-for-expository-preaching/

Zoom link for HOMILETICS

by Malcolm Cox -

The Zoom link for the homiletics module has been sent to those who are registered. If for some reason you did not get it, drop us a line via the website. 

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