How do I register for a course?
On the homepage click the course of your choice then (after logging in if required) click the "Select Payment Type" button and then the "Proceed" button. This will take you to the Stripe checkout where you can enter a promo code (if applicable) and use your card to pay.
How do I pay for my course?
We accept card payment via Stripe.
Will I need to purchase books or other materials?
Most materials are videos on YouTube, PDFs or ebooks. However, there will be some mandatory reading and recommended reading that will need to be purchased. You can obtain most of these via Kindle, etc and also we may offer them as a hardcopy to purchase directly from us or point you to where you can get them from.
Do I have to be a Christian to take these courses?
No! We welcome people from all backgrounds. Please note however that this is heavily Bible based and the readings, videos, exams etc will reflect that.
Can I take only one course without committing to whole programme?
Yes you can!
How many courses do I need for the certification and which ones?
There are 12 courses in all that make up our certification programme. They can be done ad hoc or as a bundle.
How many in person sessions are per course and are they live streamed?
There is one in-person session per course (quarterly) and yes they will be live streamed and recorded if you're unable to attend on the set date.
Are we assigned tutors during the course?
We don't assign tutors per student but will have a forum for you to access so you can collaborate with other students. You can also reach out via your platform to a teacher directly or the Learning Manager with your queries.
If I've done this course before can I take it again as a refresher?
Of course, please send us a message via our contact us form and we can arrange a return student discount voucher code for you.